Sunday, 25 March 2012

Caine Prize Anthologies

I've recently become more interested than usual in African Literary Awards so apologies if posts to come all share the same theme of literary awards. I've got the 2010 and 2011 Caine Prize for African Fiction Anthologies on my bookshelf and I've been trying to decide which one to read first. Until I decide which one to go for, here's a look at the past anthologies. The Caine Prize is awarded annually to a short story published in English by an African writer and each year the winning story and shortlisted works are published.



  1. I am finding your blog absolutely fascinating. African books are those which I have not had a lot of experience with unless there is a long motorbike journey involved. The covers are beautiful on these books and I look forward to learning more about the stories behind them.
    Pam -

  2. Thank you :). I am so glad you're enjoying the blog. There's so much out there - even I am still learning about news (and old) ones everyday. I absolutely love the covers but if you do end up reading any of the anthologies I would love to know your thoughts.

  3. Do read the 2012 Caine Prize Anthology. Having read the last two, the 2012 one "African Violet" is much better in terms of story quality. One of the workshop stories is better than any of the 2012 Caine Prize Shortlisted ones! This was worth the purchase.

  4. I actually just started reading the 2012 Caine Prize Anthology and I'm enjoying the workshop stories I've read so far. I've still got the 2010 and 2011 ones on my shelf, so I might just read them once I'm done so I have something to compare with.

  5. I am amazed by 'Elephants Chained to Big Kennels'. I think it's better than any of the shortlisted stories this year. Something different.



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