Being someone that absolutely loves book covers, I wanted to find a way to celebrate and recognise them - and so I started African Book Covers, ABC. It is my ode to book covers.

A B C in the News

African Book Covers has been named a top photo tumblr for those who have any interest in Africa on Africa is a Country's Summer List: Africa Tumblrs
... this beautiful tumblr where the author has extensively curated the front covers written by Africans, past and present.

African Book Covers was mentioned in a BBC Focus on Africa article as "a visual showcase for African literature". The article, "Eye-Candy for Africa" looks at a small number of Africans using tumblr to "express how they see the continent".  

African Book Covers made it onto The Millions "Guide to Artistic and Literary Tumblr's, Part III"

African Book Covers was named as one of the six sites to check out African Literature on afriPop!
This Tumblr account has been called a "visual showcase for African literature" and we agree! Whoever said don't judge a book by its cover was clearly misinformed as in this case 'a picture is worth a thousand words.