When Life Continues To Take Over: Sorry For The Silence

by - 09:23

A few months ago I wrote a post saying I wouldn't be able to blog as regularly as I would like to due to me writng up my PhD, which is now about 9 weeks to go (time really does fly). I have to say when I wrote that post, I honestly did not think my blogging would be as irregular as it has been. Well, unfortunately it might get a bit more sporadic. Sometimes things happen when you least expect it and in the last couple of weeks I have been offered a job as Research Officer at a Development Institute. While this means I am no longer a poor student (Hurrah!!!) and I get to work on projects that are aligned with my interests (both personally and professionally), it also means I have to combine it with the last 2 months of finishing my thesis, which sadly means even less blogging.

Thankfully, it's not all doom and gloom. A few days after I started I got the opportunity to go to Nairobi for a week. While I was there, I was able to check out a bookstore (okay three, but two were at the airport and seemed seriously overpriced). It was the Bookstop in Yaya Centre and I even got myself a book - Kwani? 07. The Bookstop was pretty cool. I thought the bookshops I regularly went to while I was in Lagos were good, but I think this one might have had a wider selection of books from across the continent and diaspora.

Sadly I didn't get to see as much of Nairobi as I wanted to, but we did get to go to the National Park on the last day as we had some hours to spare before the flight. I might have gotten a little excited when I saw the animals as this was my first time ever seeing giraffes, ostriches. I definitely would love to go back to Nairobi, and now I know if I ever go in July, not to pack like I'm going back to Lagos - it was way colder than I expected.

But just to say one more time, I am sorry for the silence. I promise once I'm fully settled in with my job and the thesis is handed in, it will be back to normal. So thanks for your patience.

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