Weekend in Brighton: Books, Beach and ... Ping Pong

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A couple of weeks ago I decided enough was enough. I had been working in Brighton for about six weeks, but due to commuting from London all I had seen was the train station. 

So I made a decision  to spend a weekend exploring what the other city I'm going to spend a lot of my time in had to offer - and I absolutely loved it. It also helped that it was a lovely, sunny weekend - everything is so much better with a little sunshine. While I didn't plan to, I obviously ended up finding one bookstore, and then another, and then another. 

The first one I walked into was PSBrighton, in North Laine, which sold some amazingly beautiful art and design books at ridiculously low prices. I forgot to take a picture of the store front- which had a brick foundation, red frames and huge windows. The inside was as spectacular. 

Next was Brighton Books - also in North Laine - a second hand bookshop spread over two floors. Hard-wood floors, books from floor to ceilings. The shopkeeper was in his own little world doing his own thing - didn't really pay attention to anyone in the store. It also had a good selection of books -  fiction, art, poetry, memoirs, travel, cookbooks. 

By far my favourite was Kemptown Bookshop a stunning independent bookshop in Kemptown. 

There's only one word I can use to describe this bookstore - classy. The staff was so friendly and welcoming. If you are in Brighton it's definitely worth a trip. There supposedly used to be a cafe on the first floor, but that didn't seem to be there when I visited. Still doesn't detract from its beauty.

Studio Bookshop also in Kemptown deals with rare second hand books. It was there I found a first edition (in excellent condition) of Black Power: The Politics of Liberation ... and who can say no to 20% student discount.

In between all of that, there was a flea market, free ping-pong, stone beach and my first ever Jenga experience. All in all, it was an awesome weekend.

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  1. You went on a sunny day! I have an aunt that lives there and went to visit and I was semi-traumatized by the cold and dark ocean, but it seemed like such a sweet place... those bookstores look epic!

  2. It's generally cold and grey here, so I was surprised as well - wasn't expecting it to be warm and I came prepared for cold and windy. But then it became one of those rare "sunny" (for the UK) September weekends. The bookstores were amazing!!!

  3. Tried this out while in town visiting. Food was good. Service was comparable to most dine in restaurants. We had several orders of the bread sticks, which were delicious. Taxi Brighton to Heathrow Airport