Books Feature Writer on Agnes and Lola's 'Playground'

by - 12:21

Super excited to announce that over the next coming months I will be a books feature writer for Agnes and Lola on their blog - The Playground

They even ran a feature of me on their website with a mini-interview on the inspiration behind the blog, female vs. male authors and the first book I ever read. Here’s a blurb:

‘My grandma, Agnes, yes that same Agnes :), was an African Children's author, besides her love of fashion, books were her guiding light, it was the one criteria she never skimped on and when guests would visit there was plenty to borrow from her eponymous library. When I stumbled and I call this a very lucky stumble, upon Bookshy: an African book lover I was emailing Zahrah within minutes of reading her blog because it was everything I was looking for in a book blog. She is blessed with wit, a way with words that is so refreshing. Over the coming months we will be featuring her reviews and other suggestions on Agnes and Lola but before we dive right in, meet Zahrah’

Agnes and Lola is an independent online boutique selling items by young designers from across the African diaspora. On their website they explain that it was ‘born from a love of two things; independent fashion and the diverse cultures across the African continent’. As for the name:
‘The name spans three generations; grandmother Agnes and granddaughter Lola, both creative spirits influenced through the travels as documented in their love for literature and fashion’.

It’s a super cool website with some unique one-of pieces and I feel pretty honoured to be able to contribute to their blog. So head over to Agnes and Lola for the feature ‘A Love of Books’ and for my soon-to-be features. 

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