In Conversation with Okey Ndibe: 3rd November at the University of Sussex

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I'm happy to announce that on Monday 3rd November I will be in conversation with Okey Ndibe, as part of African in Words exciting events hosting Okey Ndibe. 

Okey Ndibe is a novelist, political columnist and essayist whose first novel Arrows of Rain was published in 2000 as part of the Heinemann African Writers Series. His second novel, Foreign Gods Inc., was published at the beginning of this year to critical acclaim. This lover of African literature is both excited and nervous.I'm currently reading Foreign Gods and already I have so many questions to ask so I'm really looking forward to the event.

The event at the University of Sussex will begin at 4pm with a panel discussion, Travelling Nigeria: The Circulation of Politics, Art and Literature, with  Okey Ndibe (Brown University), Rebecca Jones (University of Birmingham), Uche Igwe (University of Sussex) and Kate Haines (University of Sussex). This session will be chaired by John Masterson (University of Sussex). This will be followed at 5:30pm with me in conversation with Okey Ndibe about his writing as well as Okey Ndibe reading from his latest novel Foreign Gods Inc. You can find out more on the events at Africa in Words

PS. I'd really love followers of the blog to get involved. So if you've read Foreign Gods Inc., and might have a question to ask Okey Ndibe, I'd love to know. I'll try my best to slip them into our conversation. 

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