KARIBA: The Graphic Novel

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I had to share this kickstarter for this gorgeous fantasy-adventure graphic novel, KARIBA, which is inspired by the mythology and history surrounding the construction of one of the largest dams ever built in southern Africa. As described on the kickstarter page: 
The world of Kariba is one in which history and fact are fused with mythology and legend. A world where the laws and rules are bent by magic and the river is as much a character as it is a force of nature. 
Our story follows Siku and Amadeo, one the daughter of the river spirit Nyami Nyami, the other the son of the engineer in charge of the dams construction. Unaware of who her father is, Siku must journey upriver to discover the answers to the mystery of her powers, and the strange events occurring in the river and its surrounding forests.
The graphic novel is drawn and coloured by South African, Daniel Clarke, and designed and written with help from Blue Forest Collective and should be finalised by September 2016. My words won't do it justice, so here are some of the gorgeous illustrations. Once you're done with these absolutely gorgeous illustrations, then head over to their kickstarter page to find out more. Also check out Daniel Clarke's behance page, as there are some absolutely stunning ink drawings there.  

Image via behance

Images via kickstarter

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