The Outzone and Beyond: Nikhil Singh's Stunning Illustrations

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Nikhil Singh's debut novel Taty Went West has over 40 illustrations that accompany it. 40+ images that take you on an adventure with Taty as she goes into the Outzone, and then beyond. 40+ images that are extremely detailed and precise. 40+ images that make you feel like you are part of this terrifyingly beautiful world Singh has created. And 40+ illustrations that are pretty distinct because Nikhil Singh's illustrations are, well, pretty distinct. 

So, when Nikhil offered to share his illustrations with me for the blog, I was so excited because I was in awe of Singh's stunning artwork as I read Taty Went West. I would spend time soaking up every illustration as I came across it in the novel. So here are seven of them, which I should say was so very hard to decide which ones to share. But I wanted ones that gave a mix of the characters and the landscape, and would also hopefully take you on a mini-journey. Enjoy!!!! And thank you again to Nikhil Singh for graciously sharing his illustrations. 

'The Outzone was a place where people went to escape. It was large enough for anyone to lose themselves in, a feverish sanctuary for those seeking to escape their lives ... ' p1
Into the Outzone. © Nikhil Singh

Checkmate at the clockshop.  © Nikhil Singh

'He took her suitcase and led her to the speedboat, staggering stiffly, like a dusty marionette.' p180
The Land of Strangers.  © Nikhil Singh
The Terminal.  © Nikhil Singh

'A golden moon had emerged in the wisps of the cloud, painting thousands of trees against the oil-deep of night. The light illuminated recessions of pyramids, floating eerily above the moon-washed jungle.' p217  

The Pyramids.  © Nikhil Singh

Trouble in Paradise.  © Nikhil Singh

Ghosts.  © Nikhil Singh

'She pressed play as she glided from shape to shape, starting the song from the beginning again' - p408 

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