African Women Writers Series

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Girls in Purple and Sunglasses by Tabitha Bianca Brown

This is something new I want to try, which has been inspired by my Nigerian women writers celebratory posts. In it I want to celebrate and honour contemporary African women writers who are doing some amazing things in African literature - because let's be honest, women do be dominating the contemporary African literary scene. There's Adichie, Beukes, Bulawayo, Okorafor and Selasi to name some. Also because I am someone who constantly likes to learn, this series is as much me introducing myself to new writers, as it is showcasing the ones I know and love. 

Similar to my celebratory post, I want to look at both known and lesser-known writers working in diverse mediums - short stories, novels, poetry, comics and more. I am also going to challenge myself by not only focusing on women writing in English, but will also include works translated into English from other languages. I'll aim to do one post a month, but as always please don't hold me to anything (life work tends to get in the way a lot).

PS. If you know of any amazing women writer that you think should be featured let me know. Like I said, I love learning about new and wonderful things. 

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