On Kugali, an African Comics Anthology, and a Kickstarter Launch

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I've been following Kugali - a digital platform for African comics - since it started in 2016. By following, I mean I listened to the Kugali podcast, signed up to their newsletter, followed them on Twitter and Facebook. I loved that this was a site that showcased and curated African comics, and also focused on animation and art. It was a great space for me to learn even more about a genre I have been dipping in and out of since I was a kid ... and this time it provided me stories from an African perspective. Let's put it this way - I am such a huge fan of the platform that when I found out they would be at Africa Writes in 2017 and a preview issue of their anthology - Issue Zero - would be available, I knew there was no way I was not going to grab myself a copy. 

So, when I found out Kugali would be launching a Kickstarter on Feb 26th for a Comics Anthology, I had to share. As Kugali note: 
In Africa there have been stories passed down for generations.These magical tales filled our hearts and opened our minds to endless possibilities. These fantastic stories still exist within the oral tradition. However, in order to share our stories with the world we need to think of new ways to showcase our culture.
This is where the Anthology comes in - as it 'features over a dozen incredibly talented creators from 10 African countries' including Under a Jovian Sun by Shofela Coker - a sci-fi series set in Morocco in the year 3125 that follows a group of street urchins simply trying to survive in the street of Kebbah, and Etubi Onucheyo's fantasy adventure series, Mumu Juju, that follows the wayward adventures of the Mortar and the Pestle.

Shofela Coker's Under the Jovian Sun
Etubi Onucheyo's Mumu Juju

The Kugali Anthology will have 'the best of African art and storytelling', and will be split into two parts - the Regular edition designed for all ages and the Raki edition for the more 'mature readers that like their stories a little more dark and gory'. If you want to find out more and support the kickstarter to bring this anthology to life, head over to Kugali's Kickstarter page

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