On Eight Years of Blogging

by - 07:47

Illustration by Nichole Kobi

It's been eight years ... of extremely erratic blogging and unfinished ideas, but today I celebrate eight years of bookshy. It's our anniversary. Whoop! Whoop! 

As I write this, I smile thinking about the joy this blog has brought me, even though in recent years with life, work and everything in between it has been extremely difficult to do this as much as I would like to. Still, it's been an amazing time and I can't believe how five sentences written on the living room floor in my family home in Ikeja back in December 2011 led to this wonderful ride. 

I initially wanted to use this post to reflect on the last eight years, but a lot has happened since then - including time flying quicker than I realised (goodbye mid-twenties, hello early thirties). There's also been a lot of updates. The more recent one being that I've moved ... yet again. If you're interested in my non-literary travel journey, it's all here

I also became the editor of a new online quarterly literary magazine, REWRITE READS, featuring writing by Black Women & Women of Colour from across the globe. We launched our first issue on November 11, with brilliant short stories that I am so proud to have published. So, please check it out and subscribe to read more outstanding writing. 

There are still so many things I want to do, and I am yet to do. Many ideas I have that both excite and overwhelm me. For now, huge, huge thank you to everyone that follows the blog (either here, on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram), shares the posts, and has been with me on this journey (even with my very inconsistent blogging). I truly hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy putting them together. 

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