List, Reviews, Series

Whether it's your first-time or you're a regular visitor, this page provides quick and easy links to some of the content produced on this blog over the last five years. Click on the icons, where you will be taken to a world of Lists (L), Reviews (R) and Series (S). 


L will take you to a world of lists ... because I love lists. And over the years I've had fun putting together many wonderful lists - from African graphic novels and African historical fiction to an A to Z of African Children's Literature, 

R is for the over seventy-five reviews I've written since I started the blog - with some of my favourite reviews highlighted.

S is for the different series that have featured on the blog, including my annual celebration of my fatherland, the ones where I judge books by their covers and my interview series.

Images from Copenhagen-based designer Ruth Vissing's series of typographic posters, Pawaiian Hunch.