I Absolutely Love Bookstores

by - 23:28

I can spend hours getting lost in bookstores and a trip there always leads to a smile as I return with 1, 2, 3 (sometimes more) new books to get lost in. While I love them all, I particularly love independent bookstores, with their handpicked treasures. Wherever I go I try to stop at a bookstore and see what goodies they have on offer. If like me you love bookstores, check out the Most Interesting Bookstores of the World.

Here are some of my pictures of interesting bookstores I've been to.

This was an amazing bookstore in the LX Factory - a former factory and warehouse space in Lisbon. I forget what it was called but it was filled from the floor to the ceiling with books about almost everything, and had an old printing press in the middle.

This was a cute bookstore I stumbled on, on Victoria Street in Edinburgh. It's the Old Town Bookshop, which specialises in Antiquarian books and classic literature. 

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