Future Release: "Fairytales for Lost Children" by Diriye Osman

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I promise I don't only scour the internet for new releases, but whenever I do find out about one I just have to share. I first heard about British-Somali writer, artist and editor Diriye Osman around the middle of last year, when I was working on a post on LGBT African fiction. Back then I knew he was working on a collection of short stories. Well, the collection, Fairytales for Lost Children, will be published September 2013 by Team Angelica. I have to say I'm pretty excited about this release. Until then, here's the synopsis:

Fairytales for Lost Children is narrated by people constantly on the verge of self-revelation. These characters - young, gay and lesbian Somalis - must navigate the complexities of family, identity and the immigrant experience as they tumble towards freedom. Set in Kenya, Somalia and South London, these stories are imbued with pathos, passion and linguistic playfulness, marking the arrival of a singular new voice in contemporary fiction.
                                         - Synopsis from Team Angelica

And definitely do check out his website and his amazing artwork. There's also an interview here

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