Judging a Book by its Cover: The Covers of Lauren Beukes Novels

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I absolutely love book covers, especially a beautifully designed one. It's also no secret, I judge books by their covers. I've admitted it a few times here - I even have a tumblr dedicated purely to book covers. There are a few authors out there who never disappoint with their book covers  - Alain Mabanckou is one, and Lauren Beukes to me is another. All her book covers, regardless of the regions are all amazing. So I decided to do my little ode to  the covers of Lauren Beukes novels. Because as much as I love the inside of a book, what can I say - I can be superficial sometimes.

The Hungarian covers of Moxyland and Zoo City are done by illustrator/designer Kira Santa, who has also done some cool artwork on a couple of characters from the novel. The US cover of Zoo City is by illustrator John PicacioJoey Hi-Fi has also worked on quite a few book covers - the UK cover for Zoo City (black and white), as well as the UK, US, SA and international edition of Moxyland, and the SA Shining Girls covers.

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