I Absolutely Love Bookstores: D.C. Bookstore Crawl Part 3 of 3

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As mentioned in my previous post, on a recent trip to DC I decided to create my own bookstore crawlHere's the final instalment featuring Idle Time Books and Busboys and Poets. Enjoy!!! 

Located in Adam's Morgan Idle Time Books might have been my favourite of all the bookstores I went to as it had many of the things I love under one roof. It's got new, used and out-of-print books. There's also post cards, newspapers, vintage magazines, records and CDs. It was three floors of books, and even a chair by the window to look out while you read. What's there not to love?? Here is where I got Peter Abrahams Mine Boy.

Although I didn't get any books while at Busboys and Poets, this bookstore had a great selection of African literature. While the other bookstores had 'older' African texts, Busboys had more recent ones. There I saw Ghana Must Go, Daughters Who Walk this Path, There Was A Country and more. I could sense it was also a great place for discussions and gatherings. The brunch was also delicious - pancakes and turkey sausage (yum!).

That's the end of my bookstore crawl. My pockets might have been lighter and luggage heading back to London heavier, but I had so much fun walking around DC while exploring their bookstores (and some record stores too like Red Onion, Crooked Beat and Smash Records).

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