AfroSF V2 Novella Submissions

by - 13:15

I have obvioulsy been under a rock or something, but it's never too late to share information. Right? Remember AfroSF? You must, I gushed over it so much it must have been extremely obvious I was in literary heaven. It turns out it is coming back. I am so excited about this. Extremely excited!!!!!

AfroSF, the first ever Science Fiction anthology by African writers,  was released December 2012. My review on it can be found here. AfroSF V2 is the second anthology of Science Fiction. It is open to submission of novellas from African writers (only) across the continent and abroad. It will be edited by Ivor Hartmann and published by StoryTime in 2014. The deadline for submission is March 14th 2014. So if you're a writer of Science Fiction, please submit so I can read another volume of African science fiction. Thank you!!!

More information on AfroSF V2 can be found here.

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