My Summer 2013 Reading List

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Although I'm really trying to minimise my 'reading-for-fun' as I finish my thesis, there are also some amazing books I'd love to read if I can find some time in between writing. I can't guarantee that I'll be able to read all of them and knowing me, I might not stick to these exact books - I've never been that great with making myself read a certain book at a certain time. But here's what I'm hoping my summer reads will be. Over to you, what will you be reading this summer?
Summer Reads 2013
A big thank you to all the publishers/journals that supplied me with these review copies.
[We Need New Names (Chatto & Windus), Ghana Must Go (Viking), Three Strong Women (Quercus Books), The Shining Girls [Harper Collins via Paradoxa Journal], Rhumba (Quercus Books), Dog Eat Dog (Ohio University Press)]

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