55 Years of Nigerian Literature: London Life, Lagos Living and Karo Akpokiere's Pop Art

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Cover design by Osione Itegboje
Back in 2011, Bobo Omotayo released his 'coffee-table book, with a twist', London Life, Lagos Living. What I loved about it when I first read it was the design - inside and out - and, particularly its amazing illustrations. Well, for my penultimate celebratory post, I bring you the work of Karo Akpokiereincluding a glimpse inside London Life, Lagos Living.

I love Akpokerie's work and to be honest it was London Life, Lagos Living that introduced me to it. After reading the book, I had to find out everything about Akpokerie's and his art, which is largely inspired by the dynamic pop culture of Lagos. In a recent article, following Akpokerie's apperance at the Venice Biennale, Sean O'Toole writes that his art is an ongoing love letter to Lagos, and that captures perfectly how I feel about it. Hopefully, once you see Akpokerie's works, you will get a sense of the dynamism of Lagos through his 'text rich ... noisy and over-populated drawings'.

All images via Karo Akpokiere's website
Here's a look at some of Karo Akpokiere's truly stunning work from his website. 
My Africa is: Lagos Chronicles
Illustrated letters A-Z
Also check out his Tumblr for more of his designs. 

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