55 Years of Nigerian Literature: Illustrator Shedrach Ayalomeh

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I'm keeping my next celebratory post short and sweet and bringing you the art of illustrator Shedrach Ayalomeh - who has worked for a number of publishers including Cassava Republic on Clever Squirrel and the Great Wedding Contest by Yusuf M. Adamu.

Wonder what clever squirrel is up to? Image via Cassava Republic
I will be honest and say I don't know much about this artist, but I do know that I am equally intrigued and freaked out by what I see, so I just thought I would share. The images are from The Adventures of Nihu by Omoruyi Uwuigiaren about a young boy who is falsely accused of a crime and banished to the Lonely Forest where he undertakes a mission in order to gain his freedom. The images are kinda, sorta freaky right? Gorgeous, but I definitely do not want to get banished to the Lonely Forest, and seriously what did you do Nihu to get sent there?  Also, is it me or does the Lonely Forest not seem that lonely? 

First two images via Googlebooks

Last two images via jacketflap
More of Shedrach Ayalomeh's art can be found on jacketflap, and I also found a few more here. Below is 'The Twin Kings', which depicts an epic African tale in the days of rivalry among the great kingdoms in the West African region.

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