My Favourite African Book Covers in 2015

by - 15:39

It's not only about the best books published in 2015, this time of year we also get what is arguably my favourite list of the year - the best book covers. There have been lists from the NYT, The Casual Optimist (a wonderful website about books book design) and BuzzFeed to name a few. Also check out BooksLive's wonderful list on the 17 of the best South African book covers from 2015 - there are some stunning book cover designs on that list. 

African book covers are definitely stepping their game up, and 2015 came with some stunning ones. This year was particularly exciting with notable cover designs ranging from minimalist designs to extremely detailed artwork, for books of fiction, non-fiction, short stories, poetry and children's literature. Well, here are some of my favourite book covers this year.



                                                                                      Not sure what's up with the fly in the Dutch edition though!

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