New Book Alert: Richard Ali A Mutu's 'Mr. Fix It' (Translated by Bienvenu and Sara Sene)

by - 08:24

Another new release for 2016. This time from the Congolese author, Richard Ali A Mutu - one of the selected Africa39 writers. Mr. Fix It - out December 13, 2016, and published by Phonome Media, is the first novel to be translated from Lingala to English. Pretty cool!! The original novel, EMBABA, Kinshassa-Makambo, was in fact one of the few stories in an indigenous African language that was selected for Africa39. Here's an excerpt courtesy of Amazon
Ebamba's name means 'mender' in Lingala, but everything in the Congolese twenty-something's life seems to be falling apart. In the chaotic megacity of Kinshasha, the educated but unemployed young man must navigate the ever widening distance between tradition and modernity - from the payment of his fiancee's exorbitant dowry to the unexpected sexual confession of his best friend - as he struggles with responsibility and flirts with temptation. Mr. Fix It introduces a major new talent who leads a new generation of writers whose work portrays the everyday realities of Congolese life with the bold, intense style associated with the country's music and fashion. 

Definitely looking forward to its December release, and check out this conversation with Richard Ali A Mutu on Jalada.

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