Nikhil Singh Imagines Kojo Laing's Achimota Wars

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Kojo Laing's works have been on my to-read list for the longest time, and recently while in Kampala (thank you Bookpoint stall at Writivism), I finally got my hands on two of them: his first novel Search Sweet Country, and the second one Woman of the AeroplanesAlready excited about the prospect of finally owning and getting to read Laing's novels, this morning I came across the latest issue of Chimurenga's Chronic - which explores ideas around mythscience, science fiction and graphic storytelling

If the new issue wasn't exciting enough, in it Nikhil Singh (if you haven't seen his stunning illustrations, check some of them out here) has a graphic story that imagines the Achimota Wars from Laing's 1992 novel, Major Gentl and the Achimota Wars. Set in 2020, the novel pits Major Gentl against the mercenary Torro the Terrible for control of Achiomota City. The two warriors prepare for a final battle which will decide the fate of Africa's future.

Clearly, now I'm on the hunt for the latest issue of Chronic, but check out one of Singh's illustrations - I mean look at the detail - and then head over to Chimurenga to see more.

Image via Chimurenga Chronic

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