In Honour of Her Legacy: Buchi Emecheta has a Website

by - 23:50

When you get a comment on your post on Buchi Emecheta's works that 'Buchi Emecheta now has a website', the first thing you do is shriek in excitement (well, that's what I did). The next thing is to hope the comment and link is valid, and then click it, find out it is valid and shriek in even more excitement (well that's what I also did). And now I can safely and confidently state that Buchi Emecheta has a website!!!!

To quote the comment on the post from Sylvester O. (Buchi Emecheta's son), the website 
... is still in development, but you can navigate there for more information about her life and upcoming events to honour her legacy'.
I've already been on it (of course) and there's a bio on Buchi Emecheta, a list of all the books she wrote, a photo gallery with portraits of Buchi Emecheta and her children, and an events calendar. I am so excited about this, so so excited! Can't wait to see what else will be on the website as it develops. So check it out and spread the word - because great women writers need to be constantly celebrated, and we must continue to honour Buchi Emecheta's legacy.  

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