Monday, 14 August 2017

A Jigsaw of Fire and Stars by Yaba Badoe

Saw this on twitter, and I had to share. It's another new release for 2017 – this time from award-winning Ghanaian-British documentary filmmaker and writer Yaba Badoe.

A Jigsaw of Fire and Stars is out September 7, and published by Independent publishers Head of Zeus, here’s a blurb of the story:
Sante was a baby when she was washed ashore in a sea-chest laden with treasure. It seems she is the sole survivor of the tragic sinking of a ship carrying migrants and refugees. Her people.
Fourteen years on she's a member of Mama Rose's unique and dazzling circus. But, from their watery grave, the unquiet dead are calling Sante to avenge them:
'A bamboo flute. A golden bangle. A ripening mango which must not fall... if Sante is to tell their story and her own.'
Rich in the rhythms and colours of Africa and glittering circus days. Unflinching in its dark revelations about life. Yaba Badoe's novel is beautiful and cruel and will linger long in the memory.

The book sounds amazing, and can we take a second to appreciate the gorgeous book cover! Can’


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