The State of African Publishing: Modjaji Books

by - 08:05

Another publishing gem. This time from South Africa - Modjaji Books. A bit about Modjaji Books from their website:

"Modjaji Books is an independent publishing company based in Cape Town, South Africa. Started by Colleen Higgs in 2007, we publish books by southern African women writers. Modjaji Books publishes novels, short stories, memoirs, biographies, poetry, essays, narrative non-fiction and relevant non-fiction by new, established and award-winning women writers with brave, exciting voices". 

While I love showcasing African publishers (and Modjaji does publish some wonderful books), this publisher has a special place in my heart because by being dedicated solely to publishing women's voices, particularly black women's voices, in southern Africa, it's adressing an inequality that exists. What's there not to love? Here's a look at some of the wonderful titles they publish (I have been dying to read "Bom Boy" for the longest time).  For more on Modjaji Books, check out their website and facebook page


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