The State of African Publishing: Saraba Magazine

by - 18:13

On one of my many searches (I am constantly searching it seems) I came across Saraba. They aren't new. In fact, I am pretty late in finding out about Saraba, but honestly, there's nothing more fun than finding something that is new to you. Finding Saraba has been a joy. I am just going to confess - I've spent hours on their website, reading their past issues and other wonderful delights. A bit about Saraba from their website:
Saraba is an imprint of Iroko Publishing whose goal is to create unending voices by encouraging young, previously unheard writers to publish their works, assist emerging writers (i.e. those who have been little or not at all, whose talent are recognisable and whose works are qualitative) in establishing their voices by creating a platform for their writing to be showcased. Through an actualisation of these purposes, Saraba would ensure that there is no generational gap, that succeeding generations of writers in Africa have unending voices. It was also established to create a link between established writers and emerging writers through mentorship opportunities and other related mediums. Finally, to celebrate literature and its undying nature by showcasing it in the most contemporary ways. 
Saraba Magazine is published four times a year, and I love, love, love that each issue is based around themes. Past issues have been on Music, Food and Fashion to name a few. Their current issue is on Sex. Aren't the covers so beautiful? And the content - divine! Definitely check them out here and browse and download previous issues here. Enjoy!

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