And the Winner is ....

by - 09:12

As promised, today I announce the winner of the 'I've Got Two Copies' Book Giveaway. Thank you for entering either via facebook or the blog. I always get super nervous when I do book giveaways that no one will enter so I'm happy I had some entries for this book. 

I am also happy to announce that after cutting, writing, crumbling, tossing in a hat, shaking it up and getting someone other than myself - my mother lovingly helped to pull the name out of the hat (thank you :)), that the winner of the 'I've Got Two Copies' Book Giveaway is Nard who enterred via the blog. 

Congratulations!!!! Please send an email to with a delivery address and Broken Monsters will be on its way to its new home. I hope you enjoy it!!!!

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