Away from the Dead - A New Short Story Collection by Karen Jennings

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Another new release for 2014 - this time from Karen Jennings, author of Finding Soutbek which got shortlisted for the inaugural Etisalat Prize for Literature in 2013. Jennings new short story collection Away from the Dead is published by Holland Park Press and will be published September 24 2014. Here's a synopsis courtesy of Holland Park Press:  

Karen Jennings is a wonderful story writer. In just a few sentences she is able to paint a picture of a community, frame a life, and to make you see and even almost smell a place. Together the stories highlight facets of African society and in particular South Africa. Karen Jennings has a touching way of writing about the lives of underdogs. The distinctions between the different layers in society are beautifully captured.

Several of the stories have been published in magazines or anthologies. From Dark won the Africa Region prize in the Commonwealth Short Story Competition in 2010 and The Shark won the English section of the Maskew Miller Longman short story competition in 2009.

Away from the Dead will be launched at Open Book in Cape Town on Wednesday 17 September. 

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