To Do Another Challenge or Not? 2012 Middle East Reading Challenge

by - 19:43

I've tried to stay clear of doing too many reading challenges but sometimes its hard to resist a good one - especially when it might quite possibly overlap with another challenge. I just stumbled upon the 2012 Middle East Book Challenge sponsored by Helen's Book Blog and it was pretty hard to resist, especially since North African countries have been added to the list. 

North African literature has always been seen as separate from "African" literature, so it was not something I was ever exposed to. I've always been curious about it, and this challenge, as well as the Africa Reading Challenge, gives me an excuse to explore a region I have been wanting to for a while now. I haven't quite figured out what additional books I will be reading for this challenge, but for now I'm really looking forward to learning more about North African literature through these challenges. If you want to find out more about the Middle East Book Challenge, all the details are on Helen's Book Blog

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  1. I am so glad that you're going to join us for the Middle East Challenge. I feel like it is so timely with all the revolutions and uprisings in the area

  2. Another Challenge I would love to join. It's great when there is overlap between challenges. It's like legal cheating!

  3. This sounds really great. The overlap will certainly help me as well!