The State of African Publishing: Kachifo Limited

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Kachifo Limited is an independent publishing house in Lagos, Nigeria created in 2004 to "tell our own stories". They are publishers of Farafina Books, Prestige Books and Farafina Magazine (2004 - 2009). Through Farafina Books they publish fiction, coffee table, general interest and children's books, and we get contemporary African writing and amazing authors like Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Ben Okri, and Ngugi wa Thiong'O. They also established Farafina Trust, which aims to promote literature and literary skills in Africa. All in all, a pretty amazing publishing house working to revive reading and book culture.

Here are some of the wonderful works they publish and you can find out more about Kachifo on their website

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  1. I only wish that one could get some of their books here in Ghana though!

  2. Hi Nina, it's also hard to get some books from Ghana (and other African countries) here as well. But there must be a way because it's such a shame if such wonderful literature across the continent isn't made available outside their home countries.

  3. I've been following Farafina for some time, great to see them featured here as well. Always good to get the classics in print as well I think.