A Closet e-Reader

by - 16:21

Once upon a time I was against the kindle, but I gave in. Why? I was moving to Nigeria and I couldn't quite feasibly carry all of my novels, textbooks, articles  (you name it) with me - even though I wanted to. Then there was the erratic electric supply - with my Kindle I would still have the opportunity to access my articles when NEPA PHCN (the power authority in Nigeria) decided to strike. Now that I'm here I do not have ready access to all the novels I would have had before I moved back, and even though my internet is 'one-kind' being able to download a book is a wonderful, wonderful blessing. 

In my pre-kindle life I thought the kindle was replacing the book and trying to destroy its essence. Now I have one,  I whole heartedly disagree.  The kindle is not a book and it will never ever replace a book. I am not a full-convert, and I probably never will be, but it doesn't change the fact that the kindle really does have its purpose (well, at least for me it does). So here are some African novels on kindle and here's an interesting initative called Kindle Books South Africa

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