African Fiction and Interracial Love/Relationships

by - 20:52

In the spirit of Valentine's, I decided to make a list of some African books that share the common theme of interracial love/relationships. Maru the tale of a relationship between Maru, an African village tribal leader and Margaret, an orphaned Masarwa girl in Botswana, Scarlet Song about the daughter of a French Diplomat and the son of a poor Muslim family in Senegal, Seasons of Migration to the North, which centres on Mustapha and his interracial relationships during the colonial period, The PickUp about a white South African woman who meets and falls in love with an illegal Arab immigrant, Occasion For Loving about a love affair between a black man and a white woman in a time when such a union was illegal, My Son's Story about a black South African family ravaged by their father's affair with a white woman, The Madona of Excelsior, a story of love across South Africa's colour lines, The Association of Foreign Spouses a story of white European women moving to 1980s Ghana with their Ghanian husbands, and The Boy Next Door about a black woman and white man in Mugabe's ZimbabweHappy Valentines. 


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