Africa Utopia and London Literature Festival 2012 at the South Bank Centre

by - 11:30

This looks amazing and I just had to share. Africa Utopia is a month long-festival of music, theatre, film, literature, talks and debates held at the Southbank Centre in London. It explores where the continent can lead the world. The scheduled literary events, which also form part of the London Literature Festival (UKs most dynamic literary festival), all sound so interesting. There's African Writer's Evening with Jose Eduardo Agualusa (Angola) and Dinaw Mengesty (Ethiopia) exploring the limitations of borders in the imaginative landscape of the African writer; Nigeria Now with Noo Saro-Wiwa and Chika Unigwe exploring the complexities of Nigeria; Nurrudin Farah (Somalia) discussed his new novel Crossbones and the politics of Somalia; and there's an Africa Sci-Fi Screening, which explores the subject of Sci-Fi in African writing, visual art and film. Both events look amazing. 

Africa Utopia runs from 3-28 July, while the London Literature Festival runs from 3-12 July. More details on Africa Utopia here and the London Literature Festival here.

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