I am Currently Obsessed with ...

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I go through phases where I am obsessed with authors. I want to have, and read, every single  one of their books. Right now, I am currently obsessed with ... Alain Mabanckou. 

Born in Congo, Alain Mabanckou is the author of quite a long list of titles, but only a few have been translated into English. I've been wanting to read his novels for the longest time, but so far only 4 of his works have been translated into English - African Psycho in 2007Broken Glass in 2009Memoirs of a Porcupine in 2011, and Black Bazar (this year, I think!). It also seems like Blue White Red (Bleu-Blanc-Rouge, his first novel) and Tomorrow I Will be 20 Years Old (Demain J'Aurais Vingt Ans)will also be translated next year. Can't wait to get my hands on them. And dear publishers, please can we get some more of his works translated into English. Thank you!


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  1. I've only read African Psycho, but wouldn't mind reading more. Generally we Anglophones tend to miss out on Francophone and Lusophone African literature. Sad

  2. Yes we do and it really is sad. I didn't realise just how much we miss out on. We only get a small portion of what's out there.