The Sunshine Award

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Thank you logo-ligi for nominating me for the Sunshine Award :). I can't lie, it put a smile on my face to know that a blogger out there found me to be a fabulous blogger - feels kinda awesome. So thank you very much. I am genuinely touched. 

The rules for accepting the award are pretty easy and straightforward (that I like): Include the Award logo in a post or somewhere on your blog; answer 10 questions about yourself; nominate 10 to 12 other fabulous bloggers; link your nominees to the post and comment on their blog letting them know about the award; share the love and link the person who nominated you.

10 Questions

1. Favourite childhood memory: Barbecue's at my aunts with the entire family (good food, good music, and fun times).
2. Real fear I have: Not achieving my goals.
3. Describe myself: Afro-geek-chic (if that's even a word).
4. States I have lived in: Lagos and London.
5. My style: Simple. 
6. Favourite breakfast: Oats with cinnamon and nutmeg or a strawberry and banana smoothie.
7. Hobbies: Photography, music and travelling.  
8. The most important thing I'd tell people: Life's too short to be miserable and not do what it is you really want.
9. One of my passions: This (bookshy).
10. The one truth I have learned: I'm still learning.

And for my 10 fabulous nominees (in no particular order, and they aren't all book bloggers)

Book Bloggers
Accra books and things
Black Book News
Reading Has Purpose
The African Literature Post

Non-book bloggers
A Fulani Nigerian in London
Natural Nigeria

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