A 3bute to Caine Prize Nominee Stanley Kenani's 'Love on Trial'

by - 23:02

I just stumbled on this and had to share. 3bute (pronounced tribute) has collaborated with the Caine Prize to adapt all the shortlisted stories before the winner is announced on Monday 2 July. The first story is Stanley Kenani's "Love on Trial". It's pretty cool, and if you go to the website there are various types of links relating to the story - reviews (I saw a link of mine there), tweets, videos, books related to to the issues (in this case a link to a book on Queer Sexualities) and more.  

For the rest of the adaptation of Love on Trial, check it out here. It's worth it!!!

To find out more about 3bute, definitely check out their website, which describes it as "an online anthology devoted to the contexts often missing when African stories are reported".

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