A Confused Book-a-holic: 'Americanah' or 'The Small Redemption of Lagos'?

by - 10:16

A few months ago, I posted that Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche (who I love) will be releasing a new book called Americanah sometime in 2013. Excited cannot even begin to describe how I felt, and still feel, about hearing that news. Recently, I've found out that she will be releasing a new novel (no publication date yet) titled The Small Redemption of Lagos. The Small Redemption of Lagos follows two childhood friends from Nigeria, who are separated when they move to England and the United States, but are later reunited in Lagos. While Americanah is about a girl who goes to the States for college, and after 15 years of living there returns to Nigeria and is told by friends that she has become Americanah - the irreverent term used in Nigeria for people who become Americanised. So now I am really confused. Are Americanah and The Small Redemption of Lagos the same novel (maybe titled differently for different markets, maybe there was a name change somewhere down the line), or is Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie only bringing out one of these, and if so which one? The Bookseller wrote a while back that rights to The Small Redemption of Lagos had been sold in US and Canada to Knopf and in the UK to 4th Estate, but on both 4th Estate and Knopf websites, Americanah is listed as a future release. So please, if anyone out there knows the answers to my questions, I would really love to know. Right now I am a really confused book-a-holic and would be truly grateful for the help. Thank you!!! 

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