The State of African Publishing: Ayebia Publishing

by - 20:10

Once in a while I like to showcase African Publishers that are reviving Africa's publishing industry, making books accessible to book lovers like me, and one of the most important things to me - promoting reading for pleasure. This time around I focus my attention on Ayebia Publishing. This publishing house, based in Oxford, England focuses on promoting African and Caribbean literature. The second I found out about Ayebia I knew I loved it. First, it focuses on both sides of my heritage. It's a publishing house showcasing African and Caribbean literature, what is there not to love about it (well for me at least). Second, they published one of my favourite books that I have read this year, African Love Stories, as well as the iconic Nervous Conditions. Third is the founder of Ayebia. Nana Ayebia-Clarke is a Ghanaian Publisher who set up Ayebia Publishing in 2003. She was an Editor at Heinemann's African and Caribbean Writers Series for 12 years, until the imprint stopped publishing titles in 2002. And she is working to promote quality African and Caribbean literature from both established and new authors. You can find out more about Ayebia publishing on their website. And here is a look at some of the wonderful African books they publish.


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