Another New Release for 2012

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Now this looks really interesting. Published by Pan Macmillan South Africa in March, Sarah House is the debut novel from Nigerian author, Ifeanyi Ajaegbo. It is about a young woman's life in the Nigerian world of human trafficking and prostitution. Here's the synopsis:  
Nita wakes up in a dark world very different from the life of opportunities promised to her by Slim, the man she loved and trusted to take her away from the small town in Opobo in Nigeria. Soon she realises she is a slave, bought and sold without her consent and forced into a life of prostitution and sleazy strip clubs. Every day Nita walks a tightrope of survival surrounded by vicious pimps and thugs. She meets Tega, a fellow slave lured into prostitution by Slim; she is sold to Madam, who runs Sarah House and makes money from young women and children; she finds favour with Chief, an influential politician who provides protection for Madam’s illicit business; and she must survive Lothar, a renegade porn film maker. Life in this nightmare world gets more complicated when Nita meets young Damka and is approached by a police detective working undercover. When Damka disappears and Nita discovers the child’s bloodied clothes in a room in Sarah House, she knows she has to work with the police in spite of the dangers to her own life.

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  1. Aw, I was gonna add this to my wishlist, but it seems to not be listed on Amazon US or WorldCat yet. Sadness!

  2. I know! I went searching for it, the second I heard about it and so far I think it might only be available in South Africa ( I also tried and the kindle edition was listed, but no price information available.

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