Future Release from Bobo Omotayo

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Bobo Omotayo, author of London Life, Lagos Living has a new book coming out February 2013. Thanks to my friend in Lagos for letting me know about this future release. Here's the synopsis and you can find out more here:

H.o.n.o.u.r.a.b.l.e. is a satire following the organisation of a real-life political campaign. The story follows the trials of the campaign management team behind the slogan ‘Oke Mosan Straight’, the machinery tasked to organise the lead character’s election into the Ogun State House of Assembly. The team has to overcome the challenge of having an inexperienced candidate, as well as inevitable logistical difficulties, smear campaigns and troublesome financiers. The main character is Segun Olatunji, a first-time aspirant, generally efficient but often succumbing to the need to win over his electorate by padding pockets and doing the bidding of the vicious executive committee members of his party, The Alliance Longevity Democratic Party (ALDP). A running thread in this story is the hint that his membership to ALDP is not as authentic as it seems. It is also clear that the candidate is heavily inspired by the Obama '08 campaign, although this remains unspoken.

Meanwhile, Action Mommy is the character’s excitable but ultimately calculating mother – not your average pushy mother but pushy nevertheless. The entire strength of the campaign rests on her past political career. She imagines her son’s success as her ‘compensation’ for several failed attempts to win elections on her own steam.

Then there is the campaign team: a ragtag bunch who gives the impression that they know all about Ijebu Ode politics and its complex power hierarchies but evidently do not.

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