The State of African Publishing: Kwela Books

by - 11:23

It's been a while since I showcased African publishers, but I have been lusting after the books published by this small publisher from South Africa for a while now, so thought I'd showcase Kwela Books. Formed in 1994, Kwela specialises in African writing - fiction and non-fiction. Their main aim is to "broaden the scope of Southern African literature, and to document stories that have not been told". While majority of their books are published in English, they also publish a number of leading Afrikaans authors. You can find out more about Kwela Books here, but here are some of the books they've published. 

I am loving the books they publish and the different genres. I have spent quite a while on their website, and while I've been dying to read books like Happiness is a four-letter word and Men of the South for the longest time, I've also added even more books from their website to my ever-growing wish list. For romance novel lovers out there, Kwela also has a romance imprint, Sapphire Press.


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