African Short Stories

by - 10:10

This isn't a confessional post. Although I do have a confession, I am not the biggest fan of short stories. There are the occasional writers who write short stories, like Helon Habila's Waiting for An Angel, and occasional short story anthologies like African Love Stories, which I enjoy, but I'm still learning to fully appreciate them. I wish I could say I had a logical (or even intelligent) reason as to why, but it's just that they usually leave me wanting more. I get to know these characters, their stories, and then I'm left hanging. There's usually no next chapter for me to learn more about them. It just ends.  

I have been trying to get into more short stories and be more open-minded about them, especially since African literature does have a lot of short stories and African writers do have a gift for writing them (I wonder why that is?). There's the Caine Prize for African Writing and African Roar Anthologies, which I mentioned earlier, but here are a few more anthologies, as well as, short story collections by authors.



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