My Ever-growing Wish-list

by - 07:55

A while back, my friend vieve, asked if she could see this ever-growing wish-list I'm always talking about. To which I replied, I don't have one (technically). I've got a few lying around everywhere. I've got my Amazon and goodreads wish-list, which I am constantly updating, wish-lists in my head, quite a few scribbled on paper, as well as some saved on my laptop and phone (for those times when I am paperless). If I'm honest, most of the books I highlight here (if I haven't read them) are also on my wish-list. The thing is my wish-list is embarrassingly long, as I'm kind of obsessed with books (isn't it obvious). I also have a secret wish (not so secret anymore) to own the entire AWS (I never said my wish-list was realistic). So here is a teeny glimpse at some of the novels I have been lusting after for a long time.  What would be on yours?


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  1. An interesting bunch; you've definitely given me a few ideas. I have three on my TBR shelves (physical and electronic)! I too have lots of wish lists - kept mostly on Amazon (both US and UK) as at least there I don't have to worry where it is, and that I will forget!