I Absolutely Love Literature from Zimbabwe

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I know I shouldn't have favourites - I should probably love African literature equally - but there is something about Zimbabwean literature. Fair enough, I've only read a few books from there, but I have really enjoyed every one of them (plus I really want to have some sadza as it's in every book I've read so far). I am currently reading Brian Chikwava's Harare North, but I wanted to know more (I always do). 

A while back I highlighted a few books published by 'amabooks and I recently highlighted books published by Weaverpress, but here are a few more amazing works from Zimbabwe. As an English speaker I am only focusing on books written in English (sorry!), but I seriously need a fairy godmother or genie to grant my wish and buy me all the books on my ever-growing wish-list.



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  1. African literature is (relatively) new to me, and I haven't read any books written by Zimbabwean authors - can you recommend your favorites?


  2. Hi Rayna,

    I'm still relatively new to Zimbabwean literature but I would recommend Tsitsi Dangarembga's 'Nervous Conditions'. It’s about a young girl in Rhodesia in the 1960s and her desire to go to school, but it also tackles issues on gender and cultural change. I also really enjoyed Tendai Huchu's 'Hairdresser of Harare' and Irene Sabatini’s 'The Boy Next Door'. Petina Gappah's ‘An Elegy for Easterly’ and Brian Chikwava's ‘Harare North’ (currently reading and enjoying) are the two books I want to tackle next. I do hope these are useful and you enjoy them and would love to know your thoughts when you get around to reading them.

    Other well-known Zimbabwean authors are Yvonne Vera, Charles Mungoshi, Chenjerai Hove and Shimmer Chinodya – although I haven’t read their stuff yet so I wouldn’t be able to recommend.

    1. Wow, Thank you! I'll be looking these up on Goodreads tonight!