I Absolutely Love Literature from Zimbabwe

by - 09:01

I know I shouldn't have favourites - I should probably love African literature equally - but there is something about Zimbabwean literature. Fair enough, I've only read a few books from there, but I have really enjoyed every one of them (plus I really want to have some sadza as it's in every book I've read so far). I am currently reading Brian Chikwava's Harare North, but I wanted to know more (I always do). 

A while back I highlighted a few books published by 'amabooks and I recently highlighted books published by Weaverpress, but here are a few more amazing works from Zimbabwe. As an English speaker I am only focusing on books written in English (sorry!), but I seriously need a fairy godmother or genie to grant my wish and buy me all the books on my ever-growing wish-list.



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